On first receiving your PortaCount, you should create an account with https://www.TSI.com and register your machine. This is required for accessing the manufacturer’s calibration and servicing service. Multiple machines can be registered under the same account. From there you will be able to:

  • Update your name and contact information, including shipping and billing addresses
  • View your product details, including prepaid calibration and extended warranty information
  • Add additional PortaCount machines to your account
  • Track and organise annual calibration servicing
  • Troubleshoot any potential issues or queries

All new TSI PortaCount machines come with a 2-year warranty as standard. This includes coverage for any defects in materials or workmanship with a comprehensive repair by TSI. This however does not cover annual calibration.

A pre-paid QualityGuard Bumper-To-Bumper Warranty Contracts is available.

This covers your machine against defects in materials and workmanship for an extended period beyond the instrument’s base warranty period, which expands the coverage benefit by providing both annual factory calibration and repair services throughout the extended warranty period. A QualityGuard Bumper-To-Bumper Warranty Contract is available for a five-year term. Calibration only contracts are also available for a reduced rate.

See the matrix chart below for further details.

Please refer to the PortaCount manual’s trouble shooting section for common issues and fixes. If you are still having difficulties, please contact your local sales representative or our head office. If your machine has a defect, and is under warranty, it may need to be repaired. This is performed by the manufacturer, TSI. Please login to your account on https://www.tsi.com and follow the instructions.

Calibration is a technical maintenance process essential to ensure that your instruments are properly cleaned, measuring correctly, repaired if needed, and are operating at peak performance. Product improvements may also be implemented during this process, some of which are available to customers at no additional charge when their instruments are being inspected by the manufacturer.

Annual calibration and servicing is an essential process for PortaCount machines to ensure ongoing accuracy of the device and to avoid the degradation of parts.

Yes. All new PortaCount machines are delivered already calibrated. It will not need re-calibrating for 12 months. Please refer to the calibration certificate supplied with the machine and check that the serial number matches the sticker on the bottom of your device.

Yes. The first time you book your machine in for calibration you will need to register it on the manufacturer’s website: www.tsi.com. This process can take up to 24 hours. Once registered you can book your annual service and calibration using the simple booking process. If you have already purchased a pre-paid service, please ensure that you tick the pre-paid box on the website. Your prepayment is logged against your machine’s serial number and will be automatically entered during the booking process.

No, you have a number of options that you can chose from:

  • Pay as you go You can pay for calibration annually when you send your machine in for calibration.
  • Calibration Contracts Calibration contracts are available in two-year and three-year terms at a discounted rate. Details of the contract are electronically linked to your PortaCount machine’s identification number and can be accessed through your TSI account.
  • QualityGuard Bumper-To-Bumper Warranty Contracts Extended warranty contracts include coverage for repairs and calibrations, available in five-year terms. Details of the contract are electronically linked to your PortaCount machine’s identification number and can be accessed through your TSI account.

Please refer to the matrix chart below for further details.

To return an instrument for calibration, please login to your TSI account and request a machine calibration through the portal. This on-line process will provide you with shipping information and directions.

There are three ways to check if your PortaCount machine is due for its annual calibration.

  1. Check your PortaCount machine’s calibration certificate This details when your machine was last calibrated and when it is next due for recalibration.
  2. Check your PortaCount machine On the underside of your PortaCount machine there is a label on the with the date of your last calibration.
  3. Log in to your TSI account Each PortaCount machine has a unique identification number. Once registered, you can check calibration dates online through the login portal.

There are 2 services available:

  • Standard service and calibration – this service takes 3-5 days, not including shipping. We expect that you will be without your machine for 5-10 days.
  • Express service and calibration – this service takes 1 day, not including shipping. We expect that you will be without your machine for 3-5 days.

No. TSI use very specialised equipment and highly trained TSI engineers to calibrate the machines.

Following calibration, servicing or repair, TSI will arrange to return your machine back to you at the address you specified on your online booking form.



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